Will staging your home increase your sales price?

Will staging your home increase your sales price? When listing a home for sale, I always have the "staging" discussion to determine if my client will be open to staging their home. I often get some push back due to the fact that they think that the extra money and effort would not be worth it, but if you carefully consider all the facts, you can [...]

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New to the Neighborhood and don’t know anyone? Here are 5 creative ways to meet your neighbors

  You’ve done it! You found the perfect home located in the ideal neighborhood.  You had to fight through multiple offers from anxious buyers to win the bid in this current sellers market, but your offer  won!  You made it through the closing, and unpacked all the boxes. Your new to the neighborhood and want to meet your neighbors, but how? There is no need [...]

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Ballantyne Real Estate Values continue to increase

Ballantyne Real Estate Vales continue to increase As 2015 has come to a close, the Ballantye Real Estate market is still hot and on the rise.  Over the past year, we have seen an increase in average sales price per square foot from $117 in January 2015 to $124 in December 2015. Most people typically think that during the winter month’s home sales come to [...]

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Charlotte’s Top High Schools

Charlotte’s Top High Schools As a Realtor, I often hear the question, What are Charlotte’s Top High Schools? The High School years can be so important to our teens education as some experts say the college application process really begins in the ninth grade with the student’s academic rigor and grades from that first year of high-school forward.  As top grades and academic classes become [...]

Ballantyne Village Annual Tree Lighting Event

Ballantyne Village Annual Tree Lighting Event On Friday, November 20 from 5-7pm, Ballantyne Village held the second annual lighting of the Christmas Tree! The Salvation Army kicked off its annual bell ringing campaign and Angel Tree gift program alongside the  lighting of  the Ballantyne Village tree. The festivities began with the Salvation Army Band and Chorus sharing holiday music for all to enjoy.  Other activities included [...]

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Ballantyne Live, Work, Play, and Stay!

Ballantyne Live, Work, Play, and Stay! Ballantyne’s mantra of Live, Work, Play, and Stay will soon have a new emphasis on the Play when it welcomes the brand new YMCA “Sara’s Y” The facility will be approximately 24,000 square feet and is expected to be completed by early 2016.  Sara’s Y will be located at the corner of Ballantyne Corporate Place and Brixham Hill Avenue [...]

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Ballantyne offers top schools in Charlotte

Ballantyne offers top schools in Charlotte The first question that families relocating to Charlotte ask is "What areas offer the best public schools?."  The Ballantyne area is a very popular suburb of Charlotte that not only offers a beautiful work live and play community but also completes the package with extremely sought after public schools.  Charlotte School Hub ranks the public schools awarding them 1-10 [...]

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Ballantyne offers something for everyone

Ballantyne offers something for everyone Ballantyne is one of Charlotte’s premiere neighborhoods. Ballantyne was formerly a 2,000 acre hunting preserve located in South Charlotte Until the early 1900‘s when the Harris and Bissell families decided to develop a master planned community.  Today, Ballantyne has become one of the most identifiable and desirable areas of Charlotte with something for everyone including great shopping, entertainment, restaurants, employment [...]

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